Credit Card Debt Negotiation – New Laws Help Consumers Negotiate Their Debt

The current recession has caused so much financial crises that most of the consumers are knee deep in liabilities. The unemployment rate has gone up and so has the inflation. Under these conditions credit card debts are causing a lot of stress which has in turn increased the number of filed bankruptcy. The increased number of bankruptcy has affected the economy of the State very adversely hence many are taking help of debt relief programs to get financial stability.

Debt settlement programs are used widely as a relief alternative since it removes a certain percentage of the debt making it affordable for the consumers. The new settlement laws have been made more consumers friendly. The settlement program is legal and there are several settlement companies in the market who perform it on behalf of the debtor.

According to the new settlement laws if the consumer owes more than ten thousand dollars in debt then they can negotiate a debt settlement. A successful debt negotiation can get a debt reduction of about 40 % to 60 % of the total balance. In this way the creditors can get back some money from the borrower instead of nothing had the customer filed for bankruptcy. Also they can show this settled debt amount for tax benefit.

This helps the debtor to pay off his debts easily without adversely affecting the credit score. It does not mean that debt settlement will not have any negative impact on the consumer’s credit score, but the effect will be much less than that caused by bankruptcy.

Hence it is in the benefit of the debtor to use settlement as an option to get out of debt. A good settlement negotiation can reduce up to 60% of the debtor’s debt.

Christmas – Past, Present, and Future With a Second Chance Offer

We need to look into three areas of your life that will at the least make you take the time to stop think. With your busy schedule and upbringing you are way off base. Your third out is approaching very near.

Past memories. Allow me to be your director as we travel back in time into your past to allow you to see how you got to this place in your life. Through influences and role models chosen by you will get you on the right track or on the wrong track. Sometimes we don’t have very good options to choose from that in return leads us down a wayward journey.

Present difficulties. Allow me to be your tour guide and show you around in the present that will hopefully cause you to want to reconcile some of your actions. We get into this rut that blinds us from what is truly happening around us. The longer we dig, the deeper the rut gets, and the harder it will be to get out without some help.

Future awakening. Allow me to be your escort as we take a trip into the future for you to see what will be if you continue down the road you’re currently on. Life will take you wherever you want go but the end result may not be what you expect. All the glory that others make it out to be

isn’t reality but just a fake trying to get to stay aboard a little bit longer.

Everything right now may be out of focus that only you can take the steps to put in focus. Don’t continue to be a scrooge your whole life. It’s a waste of time that you obviously may not see right now. After you allow your past memories to catch up with the present and then allow your future awakening to help change the present the light will come on and point the way.

During this season of greetings I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Do You Have Excellent Sales Presentation Skills That Guarantee Outstanding Results?

A sales presentation doesn’t begin when you are telling and showing the prospect how you’ll solve their problems. It begins before you walk in the door to give the presentation. It begins with doing your homework on the company or person you’re presenting to and continues through the follow up after the sale.

Make sure you’ve done your homework on the company, the people you’re meeting with and as much as you can find out about their problems in advance. Customizing and practicing as much of the specific presentation you’ll give to them before you walk in the door is one of many sales presentation skills you must master.

Connect with your audience, make friends with them before you begin your presentation. If they don’t warm up to you or they aren’t friendly…leave. You’re not going to make the sale anyway so why waste your time?

If you have a fear of speaking or are nervous in a sales presentation, the prospects will spot that and loose confidence in you. Get over your fear of speaking. It’s not OK to be nervous. You need to come across as being extremely confident.

An important sales presentation skill of top sales people is public speaking. Take a public speaking course, join Toastmasters, do what ever is necessary to feel comfortable and confident speaking to one or a hundred people.

A sales presentation should be perfect every time. So how do you make it perfect? Practice, Practice, Practice. When I started in real estate I carried a cassette recorder with me and when I gave a listing presentation I would ask the couple or person if they would mind if I recorded it. I told them it was for my benefit and would help me become better at what I do.

Then I listened to the recording and learned how I sounded, what I said, how I said it, how persuasive I was and in the end how successful I was. It helped me understand what I did right, what I did wrong and what I would do different the next time.

Develop the right attitude. Become so confident in your product or service and the benefits it provides that your shocked when someone doesn’t want to purchase it. You need to have the attitude that someone would have to crazy not to purchase your product.

Also, go in with the attitude that you don’t need the sale. If it’s the end of the month, it’s a big sale or you need the money, it’s likely your prospect will sense you urgency.

You spent the time finding the lead and making the appointment, don’t waste the sales opportunity by not mastering the sales presentation skills to give a great sales presentation.