Christmas – Past, Present, and Future With a Second Chance Offer

We need to look into three areas of your life that will at the least make you take the time to stop think. With your busy schedule and upbringing you are way off base. Your third out is approaching very near.

Past memories. Allow me to be your director as we travel back in time into your past to allow you to see how you got to this place in your life. Through influences and role models chosen by you will get you on the right track or on the wrong track. Sometimes we don’t have very good options to choose from that in return leads us down a wayward journey.

Present difficulties. Allow me to be your tour guide and show you around in the present that will hopefully cause you to want to reconcile some of your actions. We get into this rut that blinds us from what is truly happening around us. The longer we dig, the deeper the rut gets, and the harder it will be to get out without some help.

Future awakening. Allow me to be your escort as we take a trip into the future for you to see what will be if you continue down the road you’re currently on. Life will take you wherever you want go but the end result may not be what you expect. All the glory that others make it out to be

isn’t reality but just a fake trying to get to stay aboard a little bit longer.

Everything right now may be out of focus that only you can take the steps to put in focus. Don’t continue to be a scrooge your whole life. It’s a waste of time that you obviously may not see right now. After you allow your past memories to catch up with the present and then allow your future awakening to help change the present the light will come on and point the way.

During this season of greetings I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!