Give Professional and Powerful Presentations!

The most powerful impact you can have on others is to be a GREAT speaker. Powerful communicators like Barack Obama and Anthony Robbins have had a significant impact on people with their message.

You may not have to inspire the masses, but most of us are put into positions where we must present information – or at least a toast – and desire to live through it.

Communication is 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% words – meaning that your message is more than just the words you use. The best presenters connect with their audience by talking conversationally, and they appear easy and casual instead of taking a lecturer role.

Great Speakers Close More Sales!

Being a great speaker is the best sales tool ever!

Lots of sales opportunities come through speaking and there is an endless demand for good speakers. There are breakfast networking events, luncheon meetings, associations – the list goes on and on.

The key is to give listeners valuable information that is helpful – preferably information the average person is not aware of, thus elevating you to position of expert. Instead of selling one-to-one with your message, you can start selling one-to-many based on the size of your audience which could be upwards of a hundred! When your presentation is over, instead of gasping for air you’ll be happily surprised at how many people approach you wanting to do business or who know of someone who would be an excellent prospect for you.

On average when I speak, I will gain one client out of every ten people in the audience – not bad!

Easy Steps to Give a Powerful and Interesting Presentation

Step 1

Develop a 20 minute presentation that is packed FULL of valuable information and leaves time for questions. Give more information than needed to ensure your audience is not in need of IV stimulation to wake them up when you’ve finished! Valuable, interesting information is crucial! Time and record your presentation – practice just like you would if you were learning a new sport.

Step 2

Begin your presentation with a question that your audience can relate to and ask for a show of hands.


“How many people feel like I do, and have gotten to get up in front of an audience to speak and wished the floor would open up and swallow them live?”

Raise your hand and they will follow your lead if they can relate. By asking a question when you open and then going further step by raising your hand, you are involving your audience immediately on multiple levels. Now instead of their focus being 100% on you, they are thinking of their response and looking around at the others in the room.

Step 3

Respond immediately by acknowledging your audience with a simple “Thank you.”

Don’t let go of the momentum, keep the audience involved by asking another question in the same manner. This process immediately changes the dynamics and the audience shifts from sitting back watching and listening to being involved in answering your questions and responding.

TIP: Ask no more than two questions. If you can add some humour into your questions, that works like a charm to raise the energy of the room.


“How many people feel like I do when faced with the option of:

a) Speaking in front of an audience or b) Shovelling snow from the street every morning at 5 AM, in your bathrobe, open toe shoes for the entire six months of winter?

Shovelling looks like a pretty good option, doesn’t it?”

Raise your hand and again the audience will follow your lead if they can relate.

“Excellent thank you!”

Acknowledge your audience with positive re-enforcement.

“Our talk today is tips and strategies to give a powerful presentation people enjoy and you can survive!”

TIP: People love stories and interesting facts. If you can tell a compelling story that relates to your presentation or provide interesting facts and tips, your presentation will be a hit!

Step 4

Be animated. A lot of presentations are dull and boring. You really want to stand out from the crowd by making sure you show enthusiasm and energy. Use a voice recorder to tape your presentation and make sure your voice changes both pace and tone when hitting peak points. You don’t want to become so familiar with your message that you sound monotone. If you’re bored with your presentation your audience will become bored too.

Step 5

Use some showmanship – if you can use a flip chart or something else that helps gain attention it’s a great way to keep people’s attention and you’ll be on your way to a winning presentation!